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קורסים מקצועיים

 Dynamic-Momentum Course Description

  • Dynamic-Momentum is a powerful hands-on therapy that has been created and refined after decades of development.

  • This 2-day seminar is personally taught by Dr. Cliff Heinrich, formerly a Professor at A.T.S.U. School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona, USA, and teacher at the Israeli Institute for Applied Osteopathy at Wingate College.

  • Dynamic-Momentum is a results-oriented course that has been specifically designed to teach you how to quickly master new and unique skills, significantly improve physical conditions, and permit you to attain levels of success that are generally accepted as unachievable.

  • You will understand the concepts and principles that make Dynamic-Momentum different from all other forms of therapy.

  • This program is taught in English and includes an instruction manual (in English) with photos on how to apply Dynamic-Momentum to help free the body of tension, pain, and difficulties with movement.

  • You will learn specific hand placement strategies to achieve optimal results in addressing the five regions of the body.

  • You do not need to be a therapist of any kind or attend many years of schooling to learn and effectively apply Dynamic-Momentum.

  • Those who are already therapists will find that the lessons and principles of Dynamic-Momentum can be an invaluable approach in achieving even greater results with your clients.


To summarize this course on Dynamic-Momentum:


  • This course is unique – Innovative and, unlike other therapeutic methods.

  • Non-invasive, gentle, and safe to use – On clients, family members, and friends.

  • Highly effective – Achieve extraordinary results for a wide range of conditions.

  • No prerequisites – No prior training, degrees, or licenses needed.

  • Easy to learn – You can immediately start applying Dynamic-Momentum to others.

  • Low cost – Compared to traditional schools or institutes of higher learning.

  • Use on animals – Dr. Cliff also achieves phenomenal success when using Dynamic-Momentum on friendly dogs and horses. (Use at your discretion).


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